We are wives and relationship coaches for LGBTQ+ couples. We host the podcast, "Lesbians in Love."

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Lesbians In Love Podcast.


the LGBTQ show for women in relationship with women


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Relationship Resilience Immersion.


The virtual LGBTQ+ relationship coaching course + community to reignite intimacy, connection and conscious communication. We begin in May 2021! You have the first opportunity for access here. 


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Meghan Neeley + Erika Neeley


It was fate, courage and conscious living practices that brought us together in partnership. After years of bumping into each other in shared community spaces and events, it was a weekend workshop with one of our relationship coaching mentors on the power of Presence and Attention that really shifted everything for us. The insights and tools that we received in this powerful workshop gave us the courage to reveal stories that had kept us from authentic connection, unveiling a deeper truth that our soul’s were eager to know one another. Something ignited in that moment, and we knew that our lives were never going to be the same. We were both completing relationships that no longer felt aligned and in a matter of weeks we chose to come together in intimate partnership to co-create a new love story.  

Right from the start we put to use the practices and skills we had gained through many years of training and coaching to co-create the type of relationship we had always dreamed of. Our relationship became the platform for experiencing first hand the powerful transformation and juicy intimacy that is available in conscious co-creativity. Our lives began to open up to greater potential of what’s possible in love and life. This path invoked a sacred stirring inside our hearts, calling us to a higher aligned purpose. We knew our love was meant to be shared.

On retreat in the Costa Rican jungle, experiencing the magic of being unplugged from the daily grind, and plugging in to our love we noticed that we were (once again) the only LGBTQ couple. We started getting curious… what if we created transformational coaching experiences specially for the LGBTQ community? What if all of our combined years of coaching, yoga, dance, bodywork, and sound healing training could be distilled into experiences unlike anything we’d ever seen?

Lesbians In Love was born.

The Short Bio

Meghan & Erika Neeley are the founders of the Lesbians In Love podcast. They offer virtual courses and relationship coaching for LGBTQ+ humans to cultivate the relationship skills needed so they can create lasting, passionate, love. They each first came out when they were 20 years old and in addition to a BA in psychology and LGBT studies their combined education includes over 3000 hours of training in relationship coaching, yoga teacher training, and bodywork. They are certified coaches through the Hendricks Institute. Erika and Meghan are married and live in their Northern California lake-house with their fur baby - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.