Relationship Resilience 

Intimacy. Connection. Conscious Communication.

A Virtual Course for LGBTQ humans.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You've found the one and they are everything you ever dreamed of, AND, sometimes, you argue about stupid things like who’s turn it is to do the laundry or take the dog out and why the dishes keep stacking up even after you talked about it - twenty times. 


  • You're beyond the bliss stage and afraid this relationship won't be any different than the last one. You know it's time to make a change in yourself. 


  • You're longing for clear communication but you find yourself holding onto past hurts or getting into repetitive arguments that seem to create even more distance. 


  • You've had incredibly blissful weekends with your lover and then for some unknown reason you feel like pushing them away.


  • You don't see yourself represented and you didn’t have a model for the kind of relationship you really want, so you are making it up as you go along and you’d love to have some guidance.


  • You catch yourself wondering, "Will I ever have a relationship that lasts?" 


  • You're at a transition point in your relationship and you need support to redefine your commitments.


Please know, you are not alone. 


Imagine being free from past resentments, feeling confident in your communication, and ready for real intimacy.

We'll show you how to: 

  • Spend more time in positive connection and less time arguing. 
  • Make this relationship your best relationship yet.
  • Open up to clear communication so that you feel loved and seen. 
  • Confidently navigate challenges that arise and return to connection faster.

Our journey of getting married, buying a home together and taking the first steps towards parenthood (all amidst a pandemic) have only brought us closer together. But I know that's not how it is for everyone... and my 10+ years of coaching experience is really making all the difference. 


When Erika and I came together we released the podcast "Lesbians In Love" and I transitioned away from my solo coaching practice as we started offering coaching sessions together and then led a weeklong retreat to Hawaii just for LGBTQ couples. As fabulous as those experiences were, something was still missing... 

We wanted to provide an affordable immersive training that you could access on demand. 

Something that would amplify your love and prepare you for the best relationship of your life. 

Training that would support couples preparing to expand their families as well as those who were already parents and people with full schedules that needed access to support that fit their lives and didn't just give you one amazing workshop or week away, but practices you could use every day. 

We wanted to offer an immersion that would work for long distance relationships as much as those who barely had any time apart. For nearly-weds, newlyweds and long-time partners that had lost connection. An immersive training for ALL LGBTQ people who desire a conscious, loving, relationship. 

And that's how Relationship Resilience was born.

xo Meghan 


Taylor + Em

I love that there's a wide variety of people from their 20's to 50's to be in Queer community with. Meghan and Erika taught us so much for our  personal lives and for our relationship growth. 

Kim + Lisa

We've been married for two years and we knew we wanted to keep things exciting and keep our connection strong. Commitment means to re-commit. We now have wonderful tools we can use at home that are realistic and we are stronger because of it! Just do it - Make yourself and your relationship a priority. 

Kimberleigh + Mandy

We were looking for new tools to communicate together and to build a loving relationship. I feel like we've gained family, support and community here. We feel seen for the first time. I know this is going to carry on throughout our marriage. 

If you’re in a relationship and you're ready to take your intimacy to another level and gain the essential skills so that you can have the thriving healthy partnership of your dreams...


The Relationship Resilience course is a great next step. 

We begin Relationship Resilience with setting the foundation:

  • How to create healthy relationship stories when our stories haven’t been told and we aren’t part of the narrative.
  • Get real about the impact of internalized shame and the cost of feeling unworthy and get aligned with the reality of who you are and what’s possible for you now.
  • What does it mean to be resilient in relationships?

Month 1 - Creating Connection 

  • Expand your capacity to give and receive more positive energy so you’re available for more love. 
  • Understand conscious and unconscious commitments so you can stop sabotaging yourself.
  • Create powerful agreements for the next level love you’re integrating into daily life so that the impact of this course will ripple out for many years to come.

Month 2 -Communication Roadmap

  • Navigate challenges that arise and create safety + trust.
  • Learn the art of sharing with transparency and active listening so you can feel fueled by your conversations.

  • Drop your defenses so you can start responding and stop reacting.

Month 3 -  Clearing Conflict

  • Replace adrenalized arguments with authentic expression.
  • End control struggles and stop the argument cycle.
  • Use conflict as a teacher rather than trying to avoid it. 

Month 4 - Honesty is Foreplay

  • Discover how to make big decisions with another person without compromising.
  • Learn the art of making agreements to stay in integrity with yourself and others. 
  • Get the guidebook for clear communication practices that deepen intimacy.

Month 5 - Pleasure + Money

  • Explore the dance of connection and autonomy to spice up your sex life.
  • Break free from fight or flight patterns that have kept you cycling through old relationship challenges, and use that energy for love making rather than fighting.

  • Uncover your unconscious patterns around money and shift into more pleasure + abundance.

Month 6 - Reclaim Your Desire 

  • How to approach big changes, broken trust or things you haven't accepted.
  • Design the relationship and lifestyle of your dreams rooted in what you most want individually and together, rather than running on default.

  • Bring the future you envision into your current reality.

Weekly Training

Every Friday for 6 months you'll receive a new Relationship Resilience Training Video to practice solo or with a partner. 

Integration Practices

Every training video has an accompanying integration practice so that you can begin to implement immediately.

We recognized that we could only help so many people working 1:1 and we wanted to develop a way you could access everything we do with private clients for a fraction of the cost. 


With weekly training, integration practices - if you were to hire us privately for the equivalent it would be at least $9,000 and we know that can dip into other financial goals you might have. 

But if it weren't about the money, and you could have it all... is love and relationship worth it? Is it a priority for you? 

Your priorities show up in two big ways: On your calendar and on your bank balance. That's why we created a 6 month Relationship Resilience  immersion for you to make it a priority in your life - without breaking the bank! 

Are You Ready To Join Relationship Resilience?

Your registration includes:

  • Relationship Resilience 6 month Immersion with a weekly module available to watch whenever you wish
  • Weekly integration practice to begin to implement what you're learning immediately. 
  • 3 Couples Coaching Sessions with Erika 
  • BONUS : your partner gets access to the training too - this is something to do together. 

We have limited space for participation since this program includes private coaching. Each package is $1397 paid in full or 3 monthly payments of $549 

Please email [email protected] to apply for a spot.  

And your partner can join with you for no extra cost!

You're encouraged to watch the videos together with your partner! 

Frequently Asked Questions